Kol Kid
Toys Shouldn’t Play For You
July 25, 2013

Kol Kid’s new campaign by Tribal Worldwide – Toronto helps parents rediscover the value of simple play. 


In an era where so many digital and electronic toys task kids with a touch of a screen or hit of a button, Kol Kid, a Toronto-based children’s store is launching a new communications campaign that celebrates the value of simple play.


“After shopping at Kol Kid a few times I noticed they didn’t carry a single electronic toy,” says Sanya Grujicic, Sr. Copywriter, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto. “After chatting with Lisa, the owner, our team soon realized there was a philosophy to her store that was much bigger than just toys. Technology is fundamentally changing the way children play.”


Developed by Tribal Worldwide – Toronto, the campaign launches with three 30-second web videos, directed by Tom Feiler of Code Film, that cleverly communicate how tech toys can’t always fulfil the tactile joy of simple toys.


“I’ve always been particularly tuned into childhood development,” says Kol Kid owner Lisa Miyasaki. “I’ve never been interested in toys that do the playing for you. We’ve always carried toys that are tactile and open-ended. Toys that foster a child’s imagination and allow them to create their own play scenarios.”


Putting the spotlight back on simple play activities that many parents grew up with, Kol Kid and Tribal have also launched Play Engine.  A web app that generates endless, simple play ideas like finding shapes in the clouds, Simon Says or how to make a homemade printing press, for example. The playful app harnesses the utility of technology to help parents discover hours of imaginative, play ideas. Ultimately, helping kids and parents put down their devices.


In addition to the videos and Play Engine, Tribal also refreshed the design of Kol Kid’s website adding new content and in-store photography by Tom Feiler, that helps bring the store’s philosophy to the forefront. Print advertising and in-store signage are being developed as well, to further round out the campaign and drive traffic to the store.


About Kol Kid

Kol Kid is an independent children’s boutique store located on Queen Street West in Toronto. It opened its doors in 1999 and quickly flourished into a local hotspot for unique toys, clothing and functional kids items. The store offers an environment enjoyed by both young and old as customers enter to explore with their imaginations.


About Tribal Worldwide – Toronto

Named Strategy’s 2012 Digital Agency of the Year, Tribal Worldwide is a digitally centric advertising agency with Canadian offices in Toronto and in Vancouver. The agency draws on its expertise in digital innovation and its heritage of creativity and insights to bring clients the most effective and differentiating marketing solutions for today’s world.  Tribal Worldwide – Toronto is a member agency of the Tribal Worldwide network, which has 60 offices spanning 42 countries around the globe. 


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