Special ‘McDonald’s bench’ surprises Canadians as part of a new “I’m Lovin’ It 24” global effort that brings joy to local markets
April 21, 2015


There aren’t many things that can make two unsuspecting strangers feel like long-lost friends, however there is one marketer that is taking on that challenge. Using hidden cameras, McDonald’s Canada set out to capture authentic reactions of unsuspecting people experiencing a connection via an unexpected offering of McDonald’s fare. The footage features the emotional interactions of people seated on a bench, specially designed to serve McCafé hot beverages and cookies or Chicken McNuggets and World Famous Fries.


The video entitled “The Meeting Place – Welcome to McDonald’s,” is part of a global coordinated effort spanning 24 markets around the world; all showing the brand’s unique ability to inspire joy among the masses. “I’m Lovin’ It 24” is McDonald’s largest global marketing initiative to date and the first initiative under the direction of its new global CEO Steve Easterbrook.


“The video emotionally demonstrates how McDonald’s is able to bring people together through a simple moment of shared happiness,” says Joshua Stein, executive creative director, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto. “It also dovetails into the new Canadian platform that is centered around sharing authentic stories about the brand.”


The English and French video is featured on the McDonald’s Canada YouTube channel, and is supported by preroll, Twitter and Facebook advertising.