Our Chicken. Your Questions.
February 01, 2014

The Super Bowl is typically the most-watched program of the year in Canada.  Last year 7.3 million Canadians tuned into the game and a similar viewership is anticipated for Super Bowl XLVIII.  Like many marketers who bring their A-Game to the Super Bowl, McDonald’s Canada is using the opportunity to remind viewers of its “Our Food. Your Questions.” platform and share new content that helps combat one of the most prevalent myths regarding McDonald’s chicken production.


“Our Chicken. Your Questions.” 


Since launching the “Our Food. Your Questions.” in June 2012, the team at McDonald’s Canada and Tribal Worldwide – Toronto have responded to 23,000 questions, but Canadians still question the infamous “pink goop” image, myths about mechanical separation and if birds are blended whole.  The stories told online about McDonald’s chicken are so extreme (and inaccurate) we knew there would be power in addressing them directly. In this series of new videos, we went where no QSR brand has gone before – to the floor of a processing facility – to uncover the whole truth about McDonald’s Canada’s chicken products.


“Pink goop in Chicken McNuggets? McDonald’s Canada answers”


“What parts of the chicken do you use? McDonald’s Canada answers”