Nicoderm Supports Astronaut’s Willpower To Stop Smoking in Space
February 01, 2016

Nicoderm Visual

To help re-ignite relevance of NICODERM® among dissonant smokers looking to quit, the brand launched its first mass advertising campaign in seven years to make NICODERM® the first approach smokers consider when they are ready to quit.


“While those trying to quit smoking can make plans to avoid common triggers and routines, sometimes the biggest challenges are unexpected,” says Paul Wallace, executive creative director DDB Canada Toronto. “As a result, they’re looking for support to help reinforce their willpower whenever a challenge or craving presents itself, and believe they’ll stand a better chance of quitting if their willpower is supplemented with always-on support.”


The new creative by DDB Canada and Tribal Worldwide Toronto demonstrates how NICODERM® is there to support those attempting to stop smoking, whenever and wherever triggers challenge their willpower.