Senior Copywriter
New Hire: Ian Mackenzie
November 04, 2011

Ian joins Tribal Toronto as a Senior Copywriter after a six-year tenure at Grip Limited, where he worked on Honda, Cadbury, Labatt, and Taco Bell. He’s also an accomplished industry blogger, and has written on advertising for Communication Arts, Applied Arts, and Big Orange Slide (of which he was also founding editor). We welcome him to the team with 10 questions:


1. What is the future of digital?

A biological interface called SoulPatchTM. SoulPatchTM creates nanotech bridges between your mind and the people and information on the web. In the future, you won’t aspire to live the brand – the brand will aspire to live you.


2. What makes a good idea good?

Its simplicity.


3. Desert Island book, record, movie and dessert?

Apple’s MacBook Pro. Death Cab for Cutie’s Narrow Stairs. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Dufflet’s vegan chocolate layer cake.


4. What do you wish you had more time for?

Everything. Life’s too short. I want more. But the non-evasive answer is: my cats, Tobey and Petunia. They probably appreciate my time more than anyone.


5. What is the next Facebook?

Something that unifies “social” on the web. Something that pulls together Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, google, email, SMS, your browser and every third party app under the sun into one elegant, unbranded package. People are hungry for something that unifies their fragment realities.


6. What does your phrase “Brand like Batman” mean?

It means tell a story. Be fearless. Be consistent. It also means I’m obsessed with Batman. Have you read Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”? It was the first superhero comic I read, about three years ago. I’m still picking up the pieces of my blown mind.


7. How can we integrate consumers, brands and Facebook in the mobile space?

Start by cutting Facebook out of the equation. Maybe not entirety. And maybe not tomorrow. But soon. Too many brands have ceded Facebook proxy control over their consumers. Go look at a brand page on Facebook. More than half of the brand experience is the Facebook brand. Not good enough. Other than that, let’s build exciting mobile experiences that acknowledge that not everyone has this year’s smartphone.


8. Do you think the Art Director-Copywriter team model is dead in digital?

No way. That idea is based on the inaccurate assumption that digital creatives are strong on tactics, weak on concept, and therefore should spend their time executing alone down cold and lonely digital corridors. That’s no way to work, especially when we’ve already got a model that works. Let’s keep dreaming in media-agnostic techni-colour. And let’s do it in teams.


9. What inspires you outside of advertising?

Cat videos!


10. Should big agencies go digital from the inside out or outside in?

Inside out. Buying a digital shop won’t solve your integration problem. You’ll just have another silo filled with people singing in mono. (And who aren’t properly acclimatized to your corporate culture.) Inside out also matches another management strategy I like, which is to promote from within.