McDonald’s tips its hat to Canadian farmers
September 15, 2015

New campaign highlights Canadian sourced ingredients in iconic menu items




To raise awareness that McDonald’s® Canada sources its beef, chicken, eggs, potatoes and dairy from Canada, the restaurant chain launched an integrated campaign that cleverly conveys that many of its iconic menu items would not be possible without Canadian farmers.


“Knowing where our food comes from is important and our research showed Canadian sourcing messaging resonates strongly with Canadians,” says Solange Bernard, Senior Manager Advertising, Media & Partnerships, McDonald’s Canada. “McDonald’s Canada proudly supports Canadian farmers and the economy by using Canadian sourced ingredients in our iconic products, as part of over 80 per cent of our annual expenditure.”


Created in partnership with Tribal Worldwide – Toronto, the campaign includes five 15-second TV spots that feature what the Big Mac®, Egg McMuffin®, McFlurry®, Chicken McNuggets® and McDonald’s World Famous FriesTM would be like without the Canadian sourced ingredients.


“McDonald’s menu items are easily recognizable. But without Canadian sourced ingredients they simply aren’t the same,” says Joshua Stein, executive creative director, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto. “So we simply removed the key ingredient from each item to pique curiosity and connect it all back to Canadian farmers.”


The campaign includes digital and traditional out-of-home and transit shelter advertising, display, search and social advertising. All vehicles drive people to the “Our Food. Your Questions.” website to search questions regarding McDonald’s quality of food, including where it sources its ingredients. The campaign kicked-off on September 15, 2015 and will continue for four weeks.