McDonald’s Salad Society Awarded 2016 Effie Bronze
June 06, 2016

Salad Society

Tribal Worldwide Canada and McDonald’s “Salad Society” campaign was honoured with a Bronze Effie award and was among the most effective marketing efforts of the year, at the 48th Annual North American Effie Awards gala, which took place on June 2nd in New York City.


To change consumer perceptions about McDonald’s Salads and showcase them as a credible healthy lunch option, Tribal Worldwide Canada conceived of an unexpected campaign to ensure the salads were judged on their own merits without preconceived notions of McDonald’s influencing consumer opinions.


In the weeks before three new entrée salads were introduced to the McDonald’s menu, Tribal Worldwide created a faux salad shop, the Salad Society and brought it to life online with its own branding, website and social presence, all inspired by artisanal food purveyors.  A pop-up salad shop, served hundreds of salads to people in Toronto, and as they finished the salad the truth was revealed.  At the bottom of the bowl, much to a diners’ delight, was the unexpected – McDonald’s arches. Diners were secretly filmed at the restaurant and their recorded reactions were the basis of the TV spot and long-form online video.


For the official launch of the salads, the Salad Society took over McDonald’s social media, creating an online version of the surprise people experienced at the pop-up restaurant. Social media influences were surprised with unbranded salads, delivered by Hurrier, the bike-based courier.


TV, video and online ads drove people to a web experience centered around the Salad Society membership program, where Salad lovers were engaged and drove trial with member giveaways, Hurrier-delivered salads and the ability to share consumers’ love of salads in social media with Salad Thoughts, a ridiculous musing about McDonald’s Salad ingredients.


Through a combination of mass reach, organic reach, consumer engagement and shared positive sentiment, McDonald’s exceeded its guest count objectives and more than doubled 2014’s same day Salad sales.


The North American Effie awards is an annual competition that attracts case studies from the most effective marketing communications efforts in the United States and Canada. After two rounds of judging, those selected as winners represent cases that best demonstrated how they effectively solved a marketing challenge, connected with their target audience and achieved the results to show it worked.