McDonald’s Canada is now open.
June 04, 2012

McDonald’s Canada and Tribal DDB Toronto launch bold new transparency campaign.


“Do your nuggets contain crushed beaks of chickens you used?” – Timmy T, Edmonton, AB

“Is your ice cream made of wax?” – Jason K, Saskatoon, SK

“What fish in the filet-o-fish?” – Roussul, Repentigny QC


These questions, and thousands more like them, are at the heart of a provocative new transparency campaign from Tribal DDB Toronto and McDonald’s Canada. It’s called, “Our Food. Your Questions.” and it lets Canadians ask McDonald’s any questions about its food – even the tough ones – and get a fully transparent answer.


“People have been questioning the quality of McDonald’s food online for years,” says LP Tremblay, Creative Director of Tribal DDB Toronto. “What we’ve done is create a place for them to ask those questions – and get an honest and engaging answer.”


Canadians can ask their questions on a custom-built page on McDonald’s Canada’s website: From there, a 10-person response team traffics, researches, crafts and then posts answers in the form of text, images – and even one-off videos shot on-the-fly throughout the campaign.

“We knew from the start that this campaign would live or die on the quality of the answers,” says Tremblay. “They had to be factual, but they also had to be engaging. We think people are going to be surprised and inspired by the quality and depth of answers McDonald’s is giving.”


To handle the large volume of questions, Tribal DDB Toronto custom-built its own content management system from scratch. “We looked at some off-the-shelf solutions,” says Joe Dee, Director of Technology at Tribal DDB Toronto. “But none seemed to satisfy our specific requirements. So we decided to build it. We turned to our great partners at Igniter to collaborate on making a blazing fast and responsive HTML5 and Node.js web app.”


The campaign has received support from all levels of the McDonald’s Canada organization, including front-line participation from its President and CEO, John Betts. “A key part of our ongoing success has always been our focus on listening and responding to customers,” says Betts. “This platform is a significant step towards our goal of having more meaningful and open conversations with our customers on areas of our business that are most important to them.”


“We are extremely proud of McDonald’s Canada for believing in this program, and for throwing the full weight on the organization behind it,” says Tremblay.


Once the campaign is over, the site will serve on ongoing purpose as a repository for answered questions. In effect: a search-optimized, socially sourced FAQ.


The six-week program launched on May 28, 2012. Any questions? Please contact Andrew McCartney or LP Tremblay. At 416.972.7740 or