Tribal & McDonald’s new spot at Super Bowl XLVII
February 03, 2013

Keep an eye out during the first quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3, 2013, for a new 60-second spot as part of McDonald’s Canada’s “Our Food. Your Questions.” platform developed by Tribal DDB Toronto.


“There are some tough questions about McDonald’s food out there, which quite simply just weren’t true,” says Ian Mackenzie, associate creative director, Tribal DDB Toronto. “And in the absence of information, some of those questions were evolving into myths. That’s the starting tension point of the new spot for Super Bowl XLVII.”


“From there, we combine existing campaign materials with some great new animations to show how McDonald’s Canada has begun to address those questions, one at a time. Instead of ending with a common call to action, the spot ends with a promise: Stay tuned. We’re just getting started.”